Devo (spiral) Pendant Spiral Knot:  Spiral knots are found in all cultures across time. Moving outward from the center represents the flow of the mysterious forces of creation into the manifested world. Moving from the outside into the center represents the inward path of growth and the exploration and unraveling of the mysteries of self and life.




The Claddagh Ring was

designed in the middle of the 17 th century in the Irish fishermansvillage Claddagh. This ring was given as a token of love by the fisherman to his wife. The hands stand for friendship, the heart for love and the crown for fidelity.
The ring is often passed on from mother to daughter. This ring can also be worn as a wedding ring and is still being worn today by people all over the world




Celtic Cross Large - 14k Gold


Normal  Joanna's Celtic influenced range uses genuine Irish smoky quartz (popularly known as Cairngorms). These stones were collected over many years by two enthusiasts from a wide variety of localities around Ireland. For these Irish stones Joanna has delved deeper into Irish history and taken her inspiration from the fabulous images of the Celtic Golden Age. The result of this collaboration is a stunning range incorporating ancient motifs.  



Shamrock Drop Earring - small CE1072

The druids in Ireland looked at the shamrock as a sacred plant because its leaves formed a triad. Three was a mystical number in the Celtic religion.

The shamrock was used to represent the Trinity by St. Patrick. By doing this he could show people how the church was connected. St. Patrick used this to symbolize how The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit can be separate but also part of the same entity. But this is only a myth, as it is not supported in any factual literature in Ireland.

The shamrock was a sign of rebellion of the Irish from the English. Anyone seen wearing one were to hanged.

The shamrock is used in Irish pubs around the world. It is a sign of an English speaking, warm establishment.


Wapen van Ierland

Celtic Harp Jewelry-On Sale!

De har p, goud met zilveren snaren op een azuurblauwe achtergrond, wordt ook gebruikt als het politieke symbool voor Ierland. Het werd gebruikt om Ierland te symboliseren in de koninklijke standaard van koning Jacobus I van Schotland, Engeland en Ierland in 1603 en wordt sindsdien gebruikt op alle Engelse, Britse en gerelateerde koninklijke standaarden, alhoewel de stijl van de harp nog wel eens veranderde.

Het onafhankelijke Ierland bleef de harp als staatssymbool gebruiken (Great Seal of the Irish Free State en Great Seal of Ireland), en het wordt gebruikt in het wapen van het land, en op de Presidentiële Standaard. Het bekende Ierse bier Guinness gebruikt ook een harp in het logo van het bedrijf, maar in spiegelbeeld, en er wordt ook een bier gebrouwen dat Harp heet. De harp staat ook afgebeeld op de Ierse euromunten.